Advantages and disadvantages of professional carpet cleaning services

best-carpet-cleaning-services-huntington-beachDirt, mite and stains accumulated over a period of time damages the fabric of the carpet pushing homeowners to seek the assistance of professional carpet cleaners. Some of the popular methods for cleaning your carpets include steam and dry cleaning. Both have their own pros and cons.

Steam cleaning

Homeowners do not understand that steam does not actually clean the carpets. The hot water generates steam that helps in cleaning the carpets. The machine first sprays detergent onto the carpet and the hot water activates the detergents. It activates alkaline for synthetic, acidic for wool carpets. Then using a wet vacuum, water is sucked up from the floor. Steam cleaning is preferred by some homeowners because they are concerned that dry cleaning can affect the environment and health of the family members. You can clean the carpet without the use of chemicals by just vacuuming the carpet as water acts as a chemical compound by itself. We got this in from the best carpet cleaners in madison wisconsin after an awesome interview with them. The owner of Steam Plus Carpet & Floors, Alex has been providing carpet cleaning tips for more than 20 years!

NewYorkCarpetCleaning-Steam-Carpet-CleaningThe question that homeowners pose while seeking carpet cleaning is, if they will be able to clean without the using harsh chemicals. Modern carpet cleaning company can definitely do this with the use of organic cleaning solutions. In hot water extraction method, steam cleaner or carpet shampooing is done to remove any residue after the actual cleaning process. Detergents free of hypo allergenic, dyes and artificial perfume should be avoided.

Dry carpet cleaning

In this process, dry chemical solvents are used. These chemicals are placed on the carpet and they break down when they meet soil. Dry cleaning method can be misleading as it uses a little moisture. The solvents contain moisture and it complements the compounds used. The cleaning compounds are used in both retail and industrial setting. There is almost zero drying time for dry cleaning. The chemical used are not harsh and homeowners are advised to talk to cleaning company regarding the usage of products. Some may come with a strong odor and yet others may have strong chemical agents. Check in advance to ensure your carpet cleaning experience does not turn out to be a nightmare.


Tips to removing pet stain from carpet

Vacuum cleaner in action-men cleaner a carpet.Getting rid of Pet stains and odor is an upheaval task. Removing pet odor is a tough task when compared to stains as the odor stay deep rooted in the fabric. Using a professional carpet cleaning companies both stubborn stains and odor can be removed using techniques like steam cleaning. First, identify the stained area and places that cause the odor. The strong stench is due to uric acid, yeast colonies, and bacteria. The carpet has to be cleaned as a whole to bring about a uniform effect. For badly stained areas more time has to be spent. It is easy to bring the carpet to its pre-loss state through reliable cleaning strategies.

The area has to be vacuumed thoroughly and all loose debris has to be removed effectively. The badly stained region has to be pre-treated. Before starting the steam cleaning process conduct a pre-treat process. Always use a single cleaning agent to protect the carpet fabric from discoloring. It can be tested in inconspicuous places. You can use carpet remnant to test. The cleaning solutions and pretreatments are tested to ensure there is no severe chemical reaction. You can work the chemicals gently on the affected area using a soft brush. The chemicals have to be worked into the fibers. The scrubbing has to be mild, never allow the strands to be unraveled.

Best-Carpet-Cleaners-for-Pet-Stains3-300x300The carpet should be dried out but instead has to be steam cleaned in the following step. Always stick to single pretreatment chemical. Spot treating the carpet could be detrimental to the fabric. The best option would be to steam clean in steps. Do not mix chemicals as it can provide unexpected results. Sometimes it can lead to generation of dangerous gasses that can be harmful to humans and pets. Pet owners find steam cleaning beneficial. Incase, you do not have a machine you can always hire from a home improvement store says Alex from one of the top carpet cleaners in redding california and most of the west coast. All-American Carpet Care has been offering their services for more that 10 years now.

Cleaning formulas can contain a surfactant that breaks the carpet fabric. The odor bonds with the fiber removing the chemicals to the surface. The cleaning does not stop with removing the odor and stains but also kill bacteria and micro organisms and chemicals from the odor source. The cleansers will loosen the bond and replace them with a strong bond.


Useful Information On Steam Cleaning Carpets

top_carpetCarpets can cost a fortune and self-cleaning the carpets using steam could be a risky proposition. Another cause of concern is using improper and unprofessional cleaning techniques that cause re-soiling faster. Following the simple advice on steam carpet cleaning can prove beneficial results. The carpet and rug institute listed reputed steam cleaner, you can make us of. The organization conducts tests on steam cleaners to rate them depending on their ability to removal the soil and water removal ability. Always use a steam cleaner that removes soil and water without damaging the appearance of the carpet.

51FnJViviGL._SY300_The steam cleaner will remove water allowing the carpet to dry within 12 hours. Over moisture can lead to mold issues. Moreover, it can injure the backing. The steam cleaner has to be powerful to extract the solution else the carpet may re-soil quickly. Ensure that you start the process when it is hot and sunny outside. The conditions should be dry with very less humidity to dry the carpet quickly. Do not over use the cleaning solution. Ensure that you use pH lower than 10 so there are no negative effects on the carpet fibers and dyes.

The furniture and heavy objects have to be removed from the carpet to make cleaning easier. This will enable to see the dirt in effectively in areas where there is more traffic. The water container has to be loaded with hot water, then the cleaning solution recommended in the carpet manual has to be added. Now start from the furthest area in the room, close to the doorway and slide in the backward direction. It ensures you do not walk on the carpet that is just cleaned. Extract the cleaning solution as much as possible from the carpet.

The cleaning solution has to be cleaned with plain water. The cleaning solution can attract the soil particles and hence has to be removed from the fibers. Leaving a residue can attract more dirt on to the carpet making the cleaning process useless. Leave the fans and air conditioner on to dry the carpet quickly. The faster the carpet dries the better is the effects of the cleaning. A dehumidifier also can work effectively.


Simple Carpet Caring Tips


Carpets are easier to clean if you are aware of the vacuuming techniques and cleaning products. Check out the tips on how to remove stubborn stains from your carpet. Never leave a stain for too long. The spill sitting for a long time can be difficult to remove. The faster you remove the stain the better it is for the longevity of the carpet. In the case of a food spill, remove the food particles using a dull knife. Now blot the stain using water and very little detergent. Using a vacuum at its highest suction mode move the vacuum forward and backward to remove the stain completely. If the need arises, add some more water.

Use a reliable spot-removal solvent, particular those approved by the manufacturer or The Carpet and Rug Institute of America. Add a few drops of the solvent on a clean light coloured cloth and smudge the carpet in an irrelevant area. If there is a change in the color of the carpet call a professional carpet cleaning company. Incase, the stain is not removed after cleaning, use 3% hydrogen peroxide and moist tufts in the area of the stain and allow it to stand for about an hour and bolt repeatedly before it is cleaned completely.

Following some simple tips can keep your carpet refreshing. Regularly vacuum your carpets to forbid the carpet from accumulating the soil. Depending on the carpet type a rotating brush vacuum, suction only or beater bar can be used. The carpet has to be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on the traffic.