rsz_carpet-cleanning-600x300One fine day you realize you carpets need cleaning or you notice your spot cleaning has proved it worth in one portion of the carpet while the rest remains dirty. So, how to clean your carpets without worrying after residue or chemical after effects? Simple green cleaning is the only solution. Use salt, white vinegar and borax as cleaning solutions to clean your carpet. Using a carpet steam cleaner and a vacuum you can complete the task of cleaning dirty carpets in a jiffy. First, start with a small stain before moving to heavy duty cleaning.

carpet-cleaning-maidstoneFirst, vacuum the carpet thoroughly and get the dust, mites, and hair particles out of the carpet before starting steam cleaning. Now add ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup of borax and make a paste. Apply on the stains and soiled sections. The paste should sit for several hours before it is vacuumed. Start the steam cleaner. It is the best option to dry cleaning as it comes with the option of using different chemicals. Renting a new machine can be effective.

Carpet shampoo can be skipped. Hot water can remove the grease from the carpet but ensure you use really hot water. You can add a cup of white vinegar to around 2.5 gallons of plain water if you require deep cleaning heavily soiled carpet. The machines are operational in two modes. The first button releases hot water and the next will suck the water back. Most of the time the machine has to be operational in the second mode. The carpet has to be soaked completely before drying the carpet.