Advantages and disadvantages of professional carpet cleaning services

best-carpet-cleaning-services-huntington-beachDirt, mite and stains accumulated over a period of time damages the fabric of the carpet pushing homeowners to seek the assistance of professional carpet cleaners. Some of the popular methods for cleaning your carpets include steam and dry cleaning. Both have their own pros and cons.

Steam cleaning

Homeowners do not understand that steam does not actually clean the carpets. The hot water generates steam that helps in cleaning the carpets. The machine first sprays detergent onto the carpet and the hot water activates the detergents. It activates alkaline for synthetic, acidic for wool carpets. Then using a wet vacuum, water is sucked up from the floor. Steam cleaning is preferred by some homeowners because they are concerned that dry cleaning can affect the environment and health of the family members. You can clean the carpet without the use of chemicals by just vacuuming the carpet as water acts as a chemical compound by itself. We got this in from the best carpet cleaners in madison wisconsin after an awesome interview with them. The owner of Steam Plus Carpet & Floors, Alex has been providing carpet cleaning tips for more than 20 years!

NewYorkCarpetCleaning-Steam-Carpet-CleaningThe question that homeowners pose while seeking carpet cleaning is, if they will be able to clean without the using harsh chemicals. Modern carpet cleaning company can definitely do this with the use of organic cleaning solutions. In hot water extraction method, steam cleaner or carpet shampooing is done to remove any residue after the actual cleaning process. Detergents free of hypo allergenic, dyes and artificial perfume should be avoided.

Dry carpet cleaning

In this process, dry chemical solvents are used. These chemicals are placed on the carpet and they break down when they meet soil. Dry cleaning method can be misleading as it uses a little moisture. The solvents contain moisture and it complements the compounds used. The cleaning compounds are used in both retail and industrial setting. There is almost zero drying time for dry cleaning. The chemical used are not harsh and homeowners are advised to talk to cleaning company regarding the usage of products. Some may come with a strong odor and yet others may have strong chemical agents. Check in advance to ensure your carpet cleaning experience does not turn out to be a nightmare.