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Simple Carpet Caring Tips


Carpets are easier to clean if you are aware of the vacuuming techniques and cleaning products. Check out the tips on how to remove stubborn stains from your carpet. Never leave a stain for too long. The spill sitting for a long time can be difficult to remove. The faster you remove the stain the better it is for the longevity of the carpet. In the case of a food spill, remove the food particles using a dull knife. Now blot the stain using water and very little detergent. Using a vacuum at its highest suction mode move the vacuum forward and backward to remove the stain completely. If the need arises, add some more water.

Use a reliable spot-removal solvent, particular those approved by the manufacturer or The Carpet and Rug Institute of America. Add a few drops of the solvent on a clean light coloured cloth and smudge the carpet in an irrelevant area. If there is a change in the color of the carpet call a professional carpet cleaning company. Incase, the stain is not removed after cleaning, use 3% hydrogen peroxide and moist tufts in the area of the stain and allow it to stand for about an hour and bolt repeatedly before it is cleaned completely.

Following some simple tips can keep your carpet refreshing. Regularly vacuum your carpets to forbid the carpet from accumulating the soil. Depending on the carpet type a rotating brush vacuum, suction only or beater bar can be used. The carpet has to be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months depending on the traffic.

Green carpet cleaning techniques

rsz_carpet-cleanning-600x300One fine day you realize you carpets need cleaning or you notice your spot cleaning has proved it worth in one portion of the carpet while the rest remains dirty. So, how to clean your carpets without worrying after residue or chemical after effects? Simple green cleaning is the only solution. Use salt, white vinegar and borax as cleaning solutions to clean your carpet. Using a carpet steam cleaner and a vacuum you can complete the task of cleaning dirty carpets in a jiffy. First, start with a small stain before moving to heavy duty cleaning.

carpet-cleaning-maidstoneFirst, vacuum the carpet thoroughly and get the dust, mites, and hair particles out of the carpet before starting steam cleaning. Now add ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup of borax and make a paste. Apply on the stains and soiled sections. The paste should sit for several hours before it is vacuumed. Start the steam cleaner. It is the best option to dry cleaning as it comes with the option of using different chemicals. Renting a new machine can be effective.

Carpet shampoo can be skipped. Hot water can remove the grease from the carpet but ensure you use really hot water. You can add a cup of white vinegar to around 2.5 gallons of plain water if you require deep cleaning heavily soiled carpet. The machines are operational in two modes. The first button releases hot water and the next will suck the water back. Most of the time the machine has to be operational in the second mode. The carpet has to be soaked completely before drying the carpet.

How keep your carpets lasting for long?

carpet-cleaning-in-herne-hillA properly cleaning carpet can last longer than normal. There are many effective strategies that can keep your carpet fresh for long. There are some simple tips that can leave your carpet as good as new. First, ensure your carpet is not set very low. Setting it low can damage the drive belt and roller brush. Similarly, if it is set too high it cannot pick the dirt. Therefore, it is important to set to the ideal height. Remember to turn it to high or low settings depending upon the requirement. Dirt mites can cut into the carpet fabric. Walking on the dirty carpet can further damage the yarn. The sheen of the carpet is lost every time people walk on the dirty carpet.



Vacuum high traffic portions of the carpet at least twice in a week. The rest of the places can be vacuum weekly. Regular vacuuming can reduce the soil buildup. The filter and the bag have to be cleaned regularly to increase the effectiveness of the suction power. Bagless vacuums do not work and the filters have to be changed regularly. The filter has to be replaced or washed every three months for best effect. The bags have to be replaced when ¾ full. In order to get enough dirt out, it is important to vacuum slowly. In low traffic area just makes a quick pass and slow down in places that have high traffic.

To reduce the intensity of dirt use door mats at entry ways. Using coarse textured mats can remove soil at the doorway as much as possible. Using water absorbent mats can work well to save from wet shoe marks. Truck mounted equipment is the best choice to steam cleaning machines as it exhausts quickly. Moreover, it can leave the carpet dry due to its strong suction power. Carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction method for cleaning synthetic carpets. The carpets are pretreated using detergent solution and then hot rinse solution is sent under high pressure. Finally, the carpet is vacuumed. Professional cleaner charge a high amount for cleaning forcing home owners to consider DIY methods. But little do they realize the effects of professional cleaners are lasting.